UK economic growth expected to remain solid, despite slower global momentum.

Article Date: 15 February 2016



With the CBI predicting continued growth for UK economy during 2016-2017, albeit downgraded from earlier forecasts, opportunities for manufacturing engineers serious about expansion over the next year are genuine, but their ability to sustain momentum and make headway will rely heavily on their capacity to analyse performance, target and adapt. The lessons within  the oft-repeated mantras of lean manufacturing can sometimes be lost on SME’s, and their value missed, however Bright Engineering are seeing the real benefits of utilising ERP software to monitor  production, and the benefits of “lean thinking” and “value stream"  are becoming very apparent.  By using live data collection from the shop-floor to assess output, and feeding this information back into electronic production scheduling, Bright has seen an overall rise in efficiency over the last quarter in excess of 15% and all sections are beginning to exceed production forecasts. The benefits for long term business and for customers expecting continuous improvement are obvious. SME’s in the UK manufacturing sector face a demanding year, and it will be no different for Bright. Whilst the next twelve months may be challenging, even the smallest manufacturing companies will benefit from basic performance data analysis, however those determined to achieve significant growth in 2016 will find it essential.   


Survey of manufacturing executives and what they expect in 2016

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