Letter to customers re. Covid-19

Article Date: 17 March 2020

Dear Customer,

I would like to reassure you of the precautions that Bright Engineering will adopt in the coming weeks to protect our workforce, our business and our customers. Unless we are prescribed not to by law, we intend to stay open and continue trading, and indeed we currently have a healthy orderbook to facilitate this. I will endeavour to protect both our staff and our business interests, as well as yours, in a way that is robust and proportionate at all times.

From today we will be limiting all visits to the company from third parties unless they are business critical. We will expect any sales meetings either with our supplychain or customers to be conducted remotely, by email, telephone or video call.

Inbound visits to the company premises will mostly be limited to delivery drivers in order to maintain a steady flow of raw materials and general production supplies.  

Regarding our workforce, we are making provisions where feasible for some staff to work from home. Where it is not possible for production staff to work at home, provided we have continued demand, and our staff wish to come to work, we intend to continue our operation as normal. We will expect all our staff to follow current government advice regarding social distancing outside of the workplace, and we will require anyone who presents with symptoms to self-isolate for the advised period.

We will seek to minimise any short-term disruption caused by staff absence and be as responsive as we can to you should you have any questions or require order updates.

If we can keep everyone safe and healthy, ultimately what we need to survive as a business is your continued support in the way of orders. I believe the business community will work hard to get through this difficult period together.

Thank you for your support, and the best of luck with your own business planning over the next few weeks.

Jon Hoyle, Managing Director

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