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customers & projects

Over the years Bright Engineering has been involved in many truly exciting projects and industries. Our true expertise and cost benefit to the customer lies in high-speed aluminium machining, but we realise that diversity can also be the key to success. Many of the projects Bright Engineering has been involved in have allowed us to machine materials from peaks and plastics to stainless steels and exotic nickel alloys.

aircraft interiors

The original core business, Bright Engineering has always been involved in the manufacture of Aircraft Interior components. Aircraft seating has been the key to our success, producing seating struts, hinges and brackets all requiring the highest quality in surface finish. Bright Engineering's seating components have gone in to first class cabins on some of the world's most exclusive airlines. Bright Engineering has also been responsible for the manufacture of seat tray table systems for airline meals to be served upon.

luxury lighting and aerospace lighting

Luxury Lighting

Prestigious lighting projects all over the world enhance the look of majestic hotels, government buildings and public monuments. Bright Engineering is a proud supplier of components included in various ranges of cosmetic luxury lighting systems. Our machined components are often procured as a 'bought out component', including a full range of surface treatment options such as painting and anodising. We also supply a range of LED light fittings, housings and heatsinks for demanding applications such as aircraft wingtip lighting, landing lights, marine and defence vehicle lighting.

laboratory equipment, science & medical devices

Luxury Lighting

The quality and finish of Bright Engineering's outgoing components puts us in pole position for supplying to scientific and medical companies. We have supplied components and sub-assemblies to a number of laboratory equipment manufacturers and also supported universities such as Imperial College London in their atomic research programmes.Bright also produces a range of products for the medical sector.

defence & avionics

Bright Engineering has produced several sub-assemblies for land and air based systems, including tactical screen mounts for defence vehicles and military helicopters. We have also supplied to various wingtip lighting projects for military aircraft including the F-16 fighter, producing housings and heatsinks for safety-critical lighting systems.

Bright also produces machined enclosures, housings, boxes and lids for advanced defence communication systems used in global combat and defence.